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Portable electronic kitchen scale

Portable electronic kitchen scale

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Portable electronic kitchen scale

What is a portable electronic kitchen scale?

It is the best electronic kitchen scale that you can get - light in weight, small in size, accurate in measuring weight, and makes it very easy for you to work


- Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend while preparing the right ingredients for your food?

- Do you hate the suffering of cleaning for trivial things every time you prepare the right ingredients and it makes you feel bored?

- How wonderful it is to have free space in your kitchen, and everything you need is collected in a small, beautiful piece that does not confuse you - you agree with me, right?

The solution is in the newest electronic scale that many are looking for, and we offer it to you from our distinguished store ..!

The most advanced kitchen scale in a modern and elegant model that is easy to use. It contains a clear digital screen to show the weight. It provides you with a very excellent service and provides you with comfort and smoothness in work.

1- Balance adjustment function ensure your precise measurement.

The scale has precise sensors to give you exactly the right weight, starting from the smallest unit of 0.1g quickly and efficiently.

2- Ideal tool to weight butter, flour,cream,tea or spices during cooking or baking. 

The device is very ideal for all kinds of household uses - for cooking, making cakes and pastries, adding spices, salt and sugar in precisely defined quantities, in a very practical and easy way, without having to use scales and other utensils used to weigh these things and having to stack them on the kitchen table to clean them.!


4.Detachable scoop for cleaning.

Among the things that distinguish this product is that it comes with three scoops of varying sizes, so that it gives you more freedom to use it in various cooking, and you can easily and smoothly disassemble, replace and clean the scoop in just a few seconds!



5- Low consumption for long time use .

The device works on two batteries (AAA) model, the most widely used and available size - the batteries remain in operation for a long time because the device is characterized by a battery energy-saving system as it turns itself off when not in use, in addition to that the device in the operating state consumes very little of the battery energy!


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ABS Plastic


- Machine size without spoon:

160mm × 28mm

- Machine length with spoon:

large: 270mm
Medium: 250mm
Small: 230mm

- spoon width:

large: 75mm
Medium: 56mm
Small: 45mm

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The coolest scale!

Enjoy the most amazing electronic kitchen scale that meets all your household needs with the fastest and most amazing performance ever!

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