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4 in 1 portable electric vegetable slicer and mincer

4 in 1 portable electric vegetable slicer and mincer

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4 in 1 portable electric vegetable slicer and mincer

 What is this product?

It is a portable electric device that works by charging - it performs several tasks such as cutting vegetables and fruits, mincing meat and others with high efficiency - in addition to a brush for cleaning.


- Do you always get tired of the long time you spend chopping fruits and vegetables?

- Do you want to complete the cooking work such as chopping vegetables, etc., and decorating the dining table quickly and without effort?

- Do you always feel restricted in the kitchen workplace?

- Do you want vacation and camping trips to be carefree with your family and friends and quickly prepare your food anywhere without getting tired?

So you really need this unique product that leads to everything you need with high efficiency and speed and great flexibility that you will not be able to do without when you own it.!

Speed ​​in cutting vegetables and fruits.!

Our product provides you with this ideal speed and performance in completing the tasks of cutting vegetables and fruits with a very high efficiency, wonderful and enjoyable.!


Chop meat, garlic, etc.!

The ability to quickly mince meat, garlic, or others with excellent and satisfactory performance.




Speed, performance and no place restriction .!

Enjoy high speed in cutting various types of vegetables and types of chopping with great performance and in any corner of the kitchen, home, or outside the home on trips and camping.


Fruit peeling tool.!

The product chopper piston consists of sharp blades for peeling the fruit, providing an additional service that is quick and practical to operate.



Use it for cleaning!

Use the brush that came with the device to use it to clean utensils and others.


The ability to clean the device easily by inserting water into the food slot and operating it for a few seconds.





The device contains a rechargeable battery - it is charged via the USB cable included with the product.


Elegant design, comfortable grip and stainless steel blades make you have a truly unique and great piece!


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Product size: 20.5cm x 9.5cm/ 8 x 3.7inch

Storage container: 8.9 x 5.6cm/ 3.5 x 2.2inch

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4 in 1 portable electric vegetable slicer and mincer

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